What role does the Nisut fill?

Kemetic Orthodoxy is more than a faith: it is a community, a culture, and a way of life, forged and united under the leadership of one remarkable woman. Her birth name is Tamara L. Siuda, though the people of Kemetic Orthodoxy know her as Her Holiness, the Nisut Sekhenet-Ma'at-Ra Hekatawy, or simply and affectionately as Hemet (an ancient word translating either as "majesty" or "possessor of character").

Nisut-Bity (or Nisut-bityt in the feminine), sometimes translated as "sovereign (ruler)," but literally "(S)he of the Sedge and Bee," is the ancient title of a person sometimes called "Pharaoh." Today as in antiquity, our Nisut is the spiritual and cultural leader of our Kemetic nation. Upon coronation, the Nisut was charged with carrying out the will of the Netjer, and acts as a physical and spiritual bridge between the faithful and those gods and goddesses. The current Nisut-bityt (often shortened to "Nisut"), is recognized by the Kemetic Orthodox as the current incarnation of the kingly ka, or the invested spirit of Heru, the Kemetic divine concept of royalty incarnate in its Nisutiu. Upon coronation in Egypt in 1996, our Nisut received Kemetic names charging Her with spiritual responsibility for, and setting the course of, Her mission within the Kemetic Orthodox Religion. Previous to 1996, Rev. Tamara acted as our founder and chief priest, without the additional responsibilities of Nisut, but She went to Egypt that autumn to take on the coronation and its requirements at the gods' request.

We do not believe (or teach that) Rev. Tamara is a goddess, nor is anyone in Kemetic Orthodoxy asked to worship Her as a goddess. However, we do respect and revere Her as our founder, spiritual leader, and sovereign, just as people in other religions and monarchic countries might have respect and reverence for their spiritual leaders and/or heads of state; and we recognize that Her establishment on the ancient throne was made according to ancient custom, and that She is the current living possessor of Heru's kingly ka.